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ARINC 818 Card

ARINC 818 Frame Grabber and Video Generator

GRT currently offers three series of ARINC 818 cards, Matrix, Matrix Plus and Velocity. The functionality of all series are similar, with the biggest difference being the form factor and the maximum link rate. In addition, GRT offers a Matrix XMC card that supports a single ICD.


Common features:

  • Frame Grabber, Video Generator, ARINC 818 to/from DVI

  • Full-featured test applications

  • Optional Windows and Linux SDKs available

Velocity XMC Embedded Board
Velocity ARINC 818 Board
Matrix Plus Embedded Board
Velocity Dual Channel Board
Velocity XI Board
Velocity XMC 45AngleS


  • Large area display (LAD) and conventional display development

  • Avionics video

  • ATP for production displays

  • Cockpit simulations

Program Phase

  • Engineering

  • Simulation labs

  • Qualification testing

  • Flight testing

  • Production testing


  • Frame Grabber

  • Video Generator

  • Converter

  • High-Speed Video Recorder


Configure an ARINC 818 card to transmit video and, at other times, to receive video. Each card has a dedicated output port for viewing full-motion video from fiber or coax without loading the bus. The cards capture video and header information over the PCIe bus up to the throughput limits of the cards.

Framegrabber Setup
A frame grabber in receive configuration with DVI output. See datasheets for additional configurations.


GRT's flexible video generators have the capability to:

  • Load and transmit test patterns and images

  • Add scrolling bars to transmitted images or test patterns

  • Configure container and FC frame headers

  • Capable of streaming live video from a file

matrix plus ap
Matrix/Velocity Plus application GUI: test software ships with all ARINC 818 cards from GRT.


GRT cards are full-motion video transmitter products.

Use them to convert:


A Windows-based Software Development Kit (SDK) affords quick deployment of real-time image and data acquisition systems, camera and sensor emulators, video generators, or other video-intensive applications. The SDK includes a user guide, sample code, and four hours of technical support.

For those using LabVIEW™ to develop systems with Matrix cards, we also offer an SDK with sample and functional code that can be quickly customized.

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