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Introducing Titan Video

Titan TI-04 Video

Titan Recorder Tech Video

Callisto Datasheet

Europa Datasheet

Introducing Europa Video

Xf Tuner

Quickly adjust protocol parameters in real time. Tuner is a universal ARINC 818 video generator optional on Titan, Callisto, and Europa systems.

Matrix MultiCard Datasheet

Easily control multiple ARINC 818 channels with MultiCard software.

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Systems and Recorders

GRT's high-performance Titan, Callisto, and Europa systems bring advanced capabilities to simulation labs, engineering development, factory production—even pilot training and flight testing.

GRT's new Titan TI-04 configuration can manage eight ARINC 818 recording and playback channels. Other GRT systems can be factory configured for protocol analysis, robustness testing, and much more. Each system has several base configurations with extensive options to cover program needs. GRT configures your system with Matrix/Matrix Plus cards to match your program ICDs. Compare features and recording times.

Eight-channel ARINC 818 reocrder
Titan configured for eight channels of ARINC 818 record/playback. Hot-swap drives afford quick data transfer. Take a three-minute video tour.


Titan delivers 5 to 16 channels (up to eight ARINC 818 recording channels), unprecedented capacity for demanding ARINC 818 applications including factory ATE, flight testing, and simulations. GRT will configure one of three base systems to meet your needs:

Photo of Callisto chassis
Callisto tower and rugged chassis.


Callisto is a 1- to 4-channel platform for engineering development and simulation of ARINC 818 systems. Each unit provides up to four ARINC 818 channels factory configured to specific tasks, such as protocol analysis and robustness testing.

Three base systems and numerous functions and options give GRT the flexibility to configure to your needs. House a record/playback systems in a tower or rugged chassis or a test/simulation system in a tower.


Photo of Europa
Compact, rugged Europa.

Compact and rugged, Europa employs 1 or 2 channels to support engineering development, quality testing, or flight testing. GRT will configure it with one or two of the following functions: video record/playback/playout, robustness testing, video and protocol analysis, video generation.


ARINC 818 channels1–21–4 1–16
ARINC 818 recording channels11–4 1–8
Terabyte storage1–21–1210–24

*Total number of Matrix, GPS, RAID, video, and Xf Tuner cards.

Cockpit simulations labs yesyes
Engineering developmentyesyesyes
Qualification testingyesyesyes
Flight testsyes yes
Factory production yesyes
Maintenance and repair yesyes
  Flight simulation/pilot training yesyes
Options (availability depends on configuration)
Video captureyesyesyes
Video conversionyesyesyes
Video record/playbackyesyesyes
Video playout yesyes
Video generationyesyesyes
Protocol analysisyesyesyes
Robustness testingyesyesyes
Remote controlyesyesyes
Compression yesyes
Data removal yesyes
Recording Time for GRT Systems
Maximum recording time for GRT recorders (one active channel, 24-bit color, 60 Hz, uncompressed)