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GRT is the world leader in HOTLink II™ test cards, embedded hardware and systems.  We offer various form factors and test software to support a range of video formats and link rates from 160 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s. HOTLink II™ video (HL2V) cards are based on Cypress HOTLink II interfaces that are Fibre Channel–compatible at the FC-0 and FC-1 layers.


GRT can customize our HOTLink products to meet your needs, including multiple channel support, multiple link rate support, and basic image processing like non-uniformity correction.

Hotlink Cards.jpg

Exercise complete control over key video frame characteristics.


Record and play out up to six synchronized video streams.

Europa 45Label.jpg

Capture raw HOTLink II data at up to 1.0625 Gb/s. HS2View software offers ease and power.

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