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Europa delivers ruggedness and high portability to ARINC 818 engineering development. Its compact footprint ensures convenient access to system components during field and flight testing of ARINC 818 links. GRT will configure Europa with the proven functions you specify.




  • Intel Core i7-6700TE CPU, 2.4 GHz

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit OS

  • 32 GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 memory

  • 320 GB primary hard drive (additional hard drive available as an option on some configurations)

  • Compact chassis: 155 mm (6.1") x 206 mm (8.1") x 254 mm (10") excluding handle; less than 6.8 kg (15 pounds); mini-keyboard and mouse.


Europa is factory configured to support one or two of the following functions. Pricing is based on options selected.

  • Video and protocol analysis (VPA)— PCIe card and VPA software accurately and efficiently verify compliance with your ICD and the ARINC 818 standard. 

  • XF Tuner (robustness testing) —The card and software establish the desired protocol and timing for your system.

  • Video generation — Use the Velocity card and its test software to configure and test ARINC 818 systems and diagnose link health.

  • Video capture/record/playback —The Velocity frame grabber, its test software, and StreamPix software can record ARINC 818 video for analysis.

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