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The Velocity XI has the same hardware capabilities as the Velocity Plus but allows in the field configuration.


The Velocity XI allows the user to implement a new ARINC 818 ICD into hardware in less than a minute using the Velocity XI Configuration Tool, virtually any ICD. Once the Velocity XI configuration tool has been used to implement an ICD into the card, then the Velocity XI card will operate as a single format Velocity card, that will both receive and transmit ARINC 818. 

VELOCITY XI ARINC 818 ICD Development Card




The configuration tool provides an easy to use and user-friendly entry page for video parameters (as seen on the right). To properly use the Velocity XI configuration tool, the user will need to have a predetermined ICD in front of them.

The user enters the ICD parameters one at a time and the configuration tool verifies that a valid entry has been made (as indicated by a green check). Once all the ICD parameters are properly entered, the tool calculates the necessary settings for the hardware and allows the user to download the new firmware to the card.  

The configuration tool will only allow the loading of a single video format but gives users the capability of loading and saving configurations (ICD) as a SPROF file. The user can create a library of different ICDs that can be loaded into the card as desired, but only one ICD at a time.

  • Implement a new ICD in under a minute

  • Once configured, the Velocity XI card acts as an ARINC 818 receiver or transmitter

  • Compatible with all the powerful features of the Velocity Test Application

  • Includes conversion from ARINC 818 to HDMI for standard resolutions

  • Create your own library of ICDs to cover all your ARINC 818 programs

ARINC 818 Receiver & Converter

Velocity cards can capture ARINC 818 video to the software GUI and permit real-time viewing of embedded ARINC 818 data. The cards have a dedicated HDMI 2.0 video port to view the incoming ARINC 818 video on a monitor.

  • Line Spy: Echoes out incoming ARINC 818 in real-time

  • Receive and Display ARINC 818 to GUI

  • Capture Video Stream over the PCIe Bus (using StreamPix software)

  • Convert ARINC 818 to HDMI

ARINC 818 Transmitter & Converter

Load test images and embedded header data into the Velocity card and transmit using the test software.

  • Convert HDMI to ARINC 818

  • Transmit known test patterns over ARINC 818

  • Load real-time images over the PCIe

  • Dual, identical optical outputs (Optional)

Transmitter - Video Generator.png
Straight Converter.png
Reveiver - Frame Grabber.png

Test Applications

  • Real-Time monitoring of link status and health

  • Display incoming video to GUI or convert to HDMI

  • Image compare feature

  • Transmit from pre-recorded video

  • Zoom on regions of interest

  • Explore & Configure Ancillary Data and Container Headers

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