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ARINC 818 converter modules offer the flexibility to convert video to or from ARINC 818 in a variety of video formats such as DVI, RS-170, STANEG 3350, HD-SDI, and VGA.  The products include the HS_SAM for lab use, and both embedded and stand-alone products for flight in both commercial and military applications.  The for-flight products are available in safety-certified configurations for DO-254 requirements.  GRT can also customize the products for your specific application.






SAM G3  
ARINC 818 Stand Alone Converter Module

SAM G3 is a portable converter module that converts ARINC
818 to/from HDMI, therefore allowing you to view ARINC 818
video on a standard computer monitor, or transfer live video from a
graphics card onto ARINC 818.

The SAM G3 can support multiple video formats (up to 15,
factory configured) that are easily selectable via a touch screen on
the unit. 

SAM_G3 FtAngle.png

Convert ARINC 818 to/from HDMI up to 10.0 Gbp/s


Flyable building block that quickly links airborne video systems to ARINC 818 architecture. 

Embedded Boards

Converts to or from ARINC 818 for DVI, RS-170, LVDS and other interfaces.

Video Converter Module (VCM)

Quickly link airborne video systems to ARINC 818 architecture.


Convert up to 12 channels of ARINC 818 to/from HDMI

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