GRT’s suite of video converter modules offer the flexibility to convert to or from ARINC 818 in a variety of video formats such as DVI, RS-170, STANEG 3350, HD-SDI, and VGA.  The products include the HS_SAM for lab use, and both embedded and stand-alone products for flight in both commercial and military applications.  The for-flight products are available in safety-certified configurations for DO-254 requirements.  GRT can also customize the products for your specific application.



New Product

HELIOS: Multi-Channel ARINC 818/HDMI Converter System

The Helios offers up to 12 channels of ARINC-818-to-HDMI or HDMI-to-ARINC818 conversion in a 1U 19-inch rack mountable system. The ARINC-818-to-HDMI version provides a way to view live ARINC 818 video on common HDMI monitors. HDMI outputs can also select one of several ARINC 818 inputs, making it well suited for connection to an HDMI recorder. The HDMI-to-ARINC 818 version provides an easy method of transferring HDMI video onto ARINC 818.

Helios Front Web.png
Helios Back Web.png
Stand Alone Module

Capture or Generate ARINC 818 up to 4.25 Gbp/s

Video Converter Module (VCM)

Quickly link airborne video systems to ARINC 818 architecture.

Converts to or from ARINC 818 for DVI, RS-170, LVDS and other interfaces.

Midsized Vieo Converter Module (VCM)

Flyable building block that quickly links airborne video systems to ARINC 818 architecture.