Extend the life of airborne video systems by quickly linking them to ARINC 818 architecture. The VCM is a flyable, rugged converter available in a number different protocols.




A flight-hardened VCM can be ordered for any one of the following standard configurations:

  • DVI to ARINC 818

  • ARINC 818 to DVI

  • VGA to ARINC 818

In addition, custom analog conversions are also possible:

  • ARINC 818 to analog (NTSC, PAL, STANAG 3350, RS-170)

  • Analog (NTSC, PAL, STANAG 3350, RS-170) to ARINC 818


GRT will match the VCM to your ICD. VCMs have been through DO-160 testing and can be DO-254 certified, if required.

• 16 to 32 VDC power input per MIL-STD704F and RTCA DO-160F hardware qualification

• HIRF protected, EMI shielded design

• Robust 38999 Series circular connectors