GRT's high-performance Titan and Europa systems bring advanced capabilities to simulation labs, engineering development, factory production—even pilot training and flight testing.

GRT's new Titan TI-04 configuration can manage eight ARINC 818 recording and playback channels. Other GRT systems can be factory configured for protocol analysis, robustness testing, and much more. Each system has several base configurations with extensive options to cover program needs. GRT configures your system with Matrix/Matrix Plus cards to match your program ICDs.



New Product

HELIOS: Multi-Channel ARINC 818/HDMI Converter System

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The Helios offers up to 12 channels of ARINC-818-to-HDMI or HDMI-to-ARINC818 conversion in a 1U 19-inch rack mountable system. The ARINC-818-to-HDMI version provides a way to view live ARINC 818 video on common HDMI monitors. HDMI outputs can also select one of several ARINC 818 inputs, making it well suited for connection to an HDMI recorder. The HDMI-to-ARINC 818 version provides an easy method of transferring HDMI video onto ARINC 818.

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Titan delivers 5 to 16 channels (up to eight ARINC 818 recording channels), unprecedented capacity for demanding ARINC 818 applications including factory ATE, flight testing, and simulations. GRT will configure one of three base systems to meet your needs:

  • Multi-channel record/playback system

  • Development PC preloaded with customer-specified functions

  • Multi-channel converter that operates autonomously upon power up


Compact and rugged, Europa employs 1 or 2 channels to support engineering development, quality testing, or flight testing. GRT will configure it with 1 or 2 of the following functions: video record/playback/playout, robustness testing, video and protocol analysis, video generation.

A frame grabber in receive configuration with DVI output. See datasheets for additional configurations.
Matrix Plus application GUI: test software ships with all ARINC 818 cards from GRT.