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XF Tuner

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

What is the XF Tuner?

The XF Tuner software enables the development, validation, and testing of ARINC 818 receivers found in cockpit displays, flight recorders, and switches. The software transmits a high-speed, low-latency video that allows for error injections through CRC, container counts, and ordered sets. Users have the flexibility to define the link speed of the transmitted video up to 10.0 Gbps.

XF Tuner

The XF Tuner software displays the video frame structure and timing parameters, including line, FC frame, and vertical and horizontal blanking time. This allows users to modify timing parameters in real-time and ensure that ARINC 818 receivers meet their requirements. Furthermore, users can anchor timing parameters to achieve desired line, frame, or vertical blanking timing.

Additionally, the XF Tuner software allows users to create a library of Interface Control Documents (ICDs) based on their specific parameters. By using the software to generate and modify timing parameters, users can create a range of ICD configurations tailored to their needs. This library of ICDs can be saved and easily accessed for future use, streamlining the development and testing process for ARINC 818 receivers.

How to Order

The ARINC 818 XF Tuner includes a Europa system from Great River Technology. Contact our sales team for more information.


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