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Great River Technology releases ARINC 818 Video IP Core

ARINC 818 Video IP Cores for Xilinx and Altera FPGAs for Aerospace and Military Video Applications.

Great River Technology (GRT) announced today its new ARINC 818 (Avionics Digital Video Bus) IP core with support for Xilinx Virtex-2 Pro, Virtex-5, and Altera Stratix II GX FPGA devices. ARINC 818 is the new standard for high performance, low latency, uncompressed video for mission critical applications, such as military and commercial aerospace environments. "Since being released in January of 2007, the ARINC 818 video protocol is being implemented across a surprising number of military and commercial video applications, such as the Airbus A400M, the Boeing 787, and a number of regional jets," said Jon Alexander, CEO. "The GRT IP Core will help engineers to quickly incorporate an ARINC 818 interface into their products without a large investment in time or engineering."

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