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ARINC 818-2 


The simplicity and flexibility of ARINC 818-2 make it an ideal solution for sensors that need a "bigger pipe." ARINC 818-2 is the standard for high-speed video transport in mission-critical applications like cockpit displays, radar systems, mission computers, and video processors. Its worldwide success in both commercial and military avionics architectures has led to ever-increasing adoption as a high-speed sensor interface. Tap its power for increasingly high-resolution sensors and display architectures:

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Link Rates
Gimbal Sensors
Channel Bond Sensor

Ultra-high-speed ROI: 10,000 frames per second

With the arrival of ARINC 818-2, regions of interest (ROIs) at high frames rates can be implemented. For example, a 12Gb/s ARINC 818 link can carry the video signal of a 4K x 4K sensor at 60 Hz. Defining an ROI that is 256 x 256 pixels, the frame rate can be increased to 10,000 frames per second, or multiple ROIs can be defined and sent at a lower rate, such as 10 ROIs at 1000 Hz. Let GRT help you and your sensors achieve more.

Bi-directional control

High-speed video in one direction and data in the other is only one of the applications of the newly updated ARINC 818 protocol. Return paths are used on new, touch-screen Large Area Displays and high-resolution sensors. They are typically command-and-control channels—controlling, for example, the focus, white balance, or non-uniformity correction of a sensor.

Multiple video streams on a single link

ARINC 818 is a simplified version of the Fibre Channel network protocol, and it retains some of the nice network features like source and destination IDs for each packet. Using a single high-speed link, multiple video signals can be time-multiplexed to a single link and then completely reassembled at the other end for image processing, such as sensor fusion and overlays. Learn more about GRT products using ARINC 818-2 over coax.

High-speed sensor interface:

1 to 28 Gb/s

The ARINC 818 protocol has been defined up to 32x fiber channel rates, and when using channel-bonding architectures, you can double and quadruple the throughput. Let GRT help you eliminate your video bottlenecks using high-speed ARINC 818 interfaces. Because ARINC 818 has many rates defined between 1 and 28 Gb/s, Great River Technology can help you design a system with as much throughput as you need.

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