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A new generation of high bandwidth multi-channel cards that capture from 2 sources simultaneously.

Velocity adds the power of the PCIe Gen 3 x8 interface coupled with two high-speed DDR3 memory banks and 2 ARINC 818 Receive channels.





The Velocity card can capture two ARINC 818 video streams. The ARINC 818 video streams can be completely asynchronous of each other but must be the same ICD. Both ARINC 818 streams can be captured simultaneously to a host computer memory via PCIe DMA transfers. If desired, the user can select one of the ARINC 818 streams to be routed to HDMI TX. The ARINC 818 TX can be set to either transmit a test pattern or echo out the individual ARINC 818 receiver channels.

Velocity Block Diagram


  • High-speed video recording

  • Dual-channel LAD systems

  • Reduction of boards installed in systems

Link Rates (Gbps)

  • 1.0625

  • 2.125

  • 3.1875

  • 4.25

  • 5.0

  • 6.375

  • 8.5

  • 10.0

Test Applications

GRT ships Velocity Dual test software with all Velocity Dual Channel ARINC 818 receiver cards. Configure and test ARINC 818 systems. Diagnose the health of your links. Features include:

  • Status indicators afford quick checks of link synchronization, presence of SOFi, EOFt, and idle ordered sets. They will detect any 8b/10b and CRC errors.

  • Use the View Region window to magnify a region of interest in your image. Easily isolate and troubleshoot problems in the image. Cursor over the image to determine the location and read values for any pixel in the region.

  • Compare a received image with a reference image from a file or card memory. See the count for mismatched images. Even view a “difference” image on the screen.

  • Quickly select any preloaded ICD on the card.


The application includes a detailed user manual.

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