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SAM G3 is a portable converter module that converts ARINC 818 to/from HDMI, therefore allowing you to view ARINC 818 video on a standard computer monitor, or transfer live video from a graphics card onto ARINC 818. 


The SAM G3 can support multiple video formats (up to 15, factory configured) that are easily selectable via a touch screen on the unit. Loaded formats can be of different conversion directions (ARINC 818 to/from HDMI) and can be of different ARINC 818 link rates, video resolutions, and pixel types. The SAM G3 supports ARINC 818 link rates up to 10 Gbps.

The intuitive touch screen provides an easy determination of the input video status and allows for basic control of the unit - selecting video formats, turning on an internal test pattern, etc.

SAM G3 ARINC 818 Stand Alone Converter Module


Application Software

Application Software

The unit is designed to operate stand-alone, with only a power connection; however, it is delivered with Windows application software that can connect to the unit via USB. This application allows for sending and retrieving images to/from the unit, viewing the status of incoming video, and managing video formats stored in the unit.
  • Load test images for transmitting on ARINC 818​
  • Capture, view, and save images received on ARINC 818
  • Load and capture ARINC 818 Object 0 data.
  • Set default Object 0 Data for stand-alone operation
The Application can control multiple SAM G3 Plus units connected via USB. To control multiple units simultaneously, open as many Applications as desired units.
SAM G3 Applications1.png
SAM G3 Applications2.png
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