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SAM G3c XI A Compact ARINC 818 Converter with User-Configurable Video Formats

The SAM G3c XI is a portable module that converts ARINC 818 to/from HDMI, allowing you to view ARIC 818 video on a standard computer monitor, or transfer live video from a graphics card onto ARINC 818. 


The SAM G3c XI can support multiple video formats (either 4 or 15 depending on the model) that are easily selectable via our SAM View software. Loaded formats can be unilateral (HDMI to/from ARINC 818) and can contain different ARINC 818 link rates, video resolutions, and pixel types. The SAM G3c XI supports ARINC 818 link rates up to 10 Gbps.

The compact design of the SAM G3c XI makes it perfect for permanent bench top or simulation applications, while the ability to shift ICD's gives the user flexibility for future product testing applications. 


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Application Software

Application Software

SAM G3c XI comes with 2 software applications, GRT XI Configuration Application and SAM View.

SAM G3 Applications1.png
SAM G3 Applications2.png
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