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Great River Technology Unveils XL High-Speed ARINC 818 Sensor Test Card

Great River Technology proudly announces the debut of the XL High-Speed ARINC 818 Sensor Test Card, created in conjunction with the RVS (Remote Vision System) 2.0 platform. This groundbreaking test card was instrumental in the development and testing of the RVS 2.0 system by Collins Aerospace (an RTX business) and Boeing. Within the last year, Great River Technology has successfully delivered over 200 XL cards to both Collins and Boeing.

Tim Keller, Director of Marketing at Great River Technology, conveyed his appreciation for this new product launch, remarking, "Great River Technology extends its deepest gratitude to Collins Aerospace and Boeing for entrusting us with this demanding and program-critical project. Failure was never an option, and our engineers and test team rose to the occasion, designing, building, testing, and validating our new XL card in half the usual time."

Great River Technology's XL card was developed as a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution, catering to the evolving demands of next-generation EVS, EO/IR, 3D Display, and ISR systems. The XL card boasts an array of features tailored to the testing of high-speed, high-resolution sensor applications:

· Facilitates video concentration and de-concentration of multiple sensors onto a single link while simultaneously maintaining frame synchronous timing.

· Incorporates support for 4K+ Stereo displays, including robustness testing capabilities, error injection, and channel skew considerations.

· Comprehensive support for a variety of pixel formats used by optical and infrared sensors, encompassing Bayer video.

· Supports ARINC 818 link rates ranging from 12.0 Gbps to 28.05 Gbps.

To learn more about the new XL card and the capabilities that Great River Technology will be including, please visit the link below.


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