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GRT Matrix Series PCIe4 and XMC cards support interfaces from 1 to 4 Gb/s. A single card can function as a receiver and a transmitter for ARINC 818. We configure cards to match your system’s link speed, image resolution, and pixel format.





Matrix is a full-featured, high speed ARINC 818 frame grabber, graphics generator and video converter. It comes with a powerful test application.  Optional SDK is available for purchase.

Support link rates up to 4.25Gbps

Factory configured for your ICD.

XMC – Rugged XMC variants are also available, including Conduction Cooled

SDK - An optional Windows- or Linux-based Software Development Kit (SDK) enables faster development of real-time image and data acquisition systems, camera and sensor emulators, video generators, or other video-intensive applications. The SDK includes a user guide, sample code, and four hours of technical support.

ARINC 818 Receiver & Converter

Matrix cards can capture ARINC 818 video to the software GUI and permit real-time viewing of embedded ARINC 818 data. The cards have a dedicated DVI video port to view the incoming ARINC 818 video on a monitor.

  • Line Spy: Echoes out incoming ARINC 818 in real-time

  • Receive and Display ARINC 818 to GUI

  • Capture Video Stream over the PCIe Bus                                        (using StreamPix software)

  • Convert ARINC 818 to DVI


ARINC 818 Transmitter & Converter

Load test images and embedded header data into the Matrix Plus card and transmit using the test software.

  • Convert DVI to ARINC 818

  • Transmit known test patterns over ARINC 818

  • Load real-time images over the PCIe


Test Application

  • Real-Time monitoring of link status and healt

  • Display incoming video to GUI or convert to DVI

  • Image compare feature

  • Transmit from pre-recorded video

  • Zoom on regions of interest

  • Explore & Configure Ancillary Data and Container Headers

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