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ADC FMC FPGA Mezzanine Card

ADC125 is a fully VITA 57.1 compliant ADC FMC FPGA Mezzanine Card, featuring four 16-bit A/D channels with a maximum sampling rate of 125 MSPS. Utilizing two dual analog-to-digital converters (ADC) from Linear Technology, specifically the LTC2185, the ADC125 FMC offers high-performance signal conversion. 

This FPGA Mezzanine Card provides the flexibility to sample signals using either an external clock or the on-board sampling clock. Additionally, a trigger input is available for precise synchronization across all channels, ensuring a one-sample accuracy. 

Fine-tuning of the ADCs is achievable through the I2C bus, allowing users to customize settings such as ADC gain bias, and delay to suit specific requirements. Furthermore, temperature and power monitoring can be conveniently checked directly from the FPGA. 

Top Product Advantages:

  • Ready-to-use: VITA 57.1 compliant

  • Easy-to-use: Free SDK with example design

  • Cost-effective solution



  • 2 dual analog-to-digital converters

  • four 16bits A/D channels

  • Up to 125 MSPS

  • On-board sampling clock

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