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The HS SAM is factory configured to convert DVI to or from ARINC 818, following your ICD. Use it in lab or simulator settings, aircraft production facilities, or flight testing. HS SAMView2 software controls one or more SAMs. Link-status and unit-status indicators report system health at a glance—from the GUI as well as the hardware.




Features and Options

Standard connectors available:
  • fiber optic 1310nm single mode
  • fiber optic 850nm multimode
  • FCN copper
  • High-Speed Coax
Other standard features:
  • USB port (2.0 required)
  • channel health indicators
  • 24VDC with switching adapter for 100–120VDC @ 50–60 Hz.
Optional feature:
  • mounting bracket.


Great River can configure an HS SAM with link rates up to 4.25 Gb/s. Each unit can fulfill one of these two key functions:

  • ARINC 818 to DVI converter

  • DVI to ARINC 818 converter with line-spy capability

Both configurations generate test patterns.


HSC SAM High-speed coax (HSC) is now an option for SAM. Bi-directional signaling (high-speed video in one direction, low-speed control data in the other) can pass through a slip ring on common coaxial cable.

SAM View 2

With the HS SAMView2 GUI and a USB 2.0 interface, no programming is required to command the powerful features of the HS SAM Gen II:

  • Loading and retrieval of ARINC 818 images and data

  • Header management: save and restore transmit header data to non-volatile RAM—to be loaded automatically at power-up; read transmit header data from file, edit the data (if desired) and load the data into the SAM

  • Remote monitoring of unit and link status

  • Video source manipulation—for example, test patterns, DVI in, static images

  • Control of multiple SAMs

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