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From left, Matrix Series PCIe4 and XMC; GRAVity Series PMC


Video Card: Frame Grabber
and Camera Emulator

GRT offers five form factors that support a range of video formats at data rates from 160 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps. HOTLink II™ video (HL2V) cards are based on Cypress HOTLink II interfaces that are Fibre Channel–compatible at the FC-0 and FC-1 layers.

In this custom application, camera or sensor output displays via a dedicated SXVGA video port, which allows viewing without loading the PCI bus.


  • IR sensor development
  • Graphics generation
  • Camera emulation
  • Factory testing
  • Flight testing


  • Flexibile—Program to handle most video formats
  • Fast—Achieve uninterrupted video capture up to 1.5 Gbps
  • Connectors—Order with BNC, SMA, FCN-type Twinax, or fiber-optic; custom order SXGA or SXVGA output
  • Time savings—Take advantage of our Quick Start Guide, full User Manual, and flexible GUI

The HOTLink II video cards and associated drivers use DMA to move video frames to and from on-board memory. The card has two 16-Mbyte image stores (ping and pong) such that PCI/PCIe can access image memory while receiving live video. PCI/PCIe transfers up to 500 Mbps can be achieved depending on card and system configuration.

Versatile IR/optical frame grabber

Use our flexible GUI to easily configure frame size, header size, and SOF trigger; enable receiver; view images; and save received image to file. You have complete control over key video frame characteristics: frame size, SOF character or idle trigger count, number of bytes per pixel, bit shift, and image offset.

Powerful camera and sensor emulator

Within minutes:

  • Upload bitmap image or test pattern
  • Set up transmit parameters
  • Enable transmitter

Configure the following parameters: frame size, SOF character, SOL character, EOL character, number of EOL nulls, EOF character, number of EOF nulls, number of bytes per pixel, bit shift, and image offset.

Complete SDK for applications development

With a software development kit (SDK), you can quickly deploy:

  • Real-time image and data acquisition systems
  • Camera and sensor emulators
  • Graphics generators
  • Other video-intensive applications

Full SDKs are available for Windows or Linux. A VxWorks library of functions is also available. For those using LabVIEW™ to develop systems with our Matrix or GRAVity cards, we offer SDKs with sample and functional code that can be quickly customized (see Datasheet [PDF]).

Our SDKs includes application programming interface (API), User Guide, Programmer Guide, sample code, and four hours of technical support. SDK training classes and applications development consulting are available upon request.