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  1. Prices quoted are valid for 45 days.

  2. GRT will invoice upon delivery.

  3. Payments will be due net 45 days from the date of the invoice. Late fees of 1.5%/month will be charged on overdue invoices.

  4. Warranty: Products shall be free from defects for one year or return for repair or replacement.

  5. A cancellation fee of 25% to 100% will apply depending on the timing and work completed.

  6. FOB Source

  7. Incorporation of GRT products into sellable equipment requires a separate Value-Added Resale Agreement.

  8. A 90-day evaluation period is provided on all custom designs. During the evaluation period, any changes needed to bring the GRT hardware, firmware, or software into compliance with the statement of work will be completed at no charge. Beyond the 90-day evaluation period, the customer accepts the design as meeting the requirements as defined by the statement of work. Design changes after the evaluation period, or not covered by the statement of work, will be quoted.

Domestic Terms & Conditions

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