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HOTLink II is a trademark of
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.

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HOTLink II Serial Link Analyzer photograph

Serial Link Analyzer
(lease only)

The HOTLink II™ Serial Link Analyzer (HSLA) is a data recorder and diagnostics tool for 8b/10b encoded HOTLink systems. Each HSLA consists of hardware and a software that make data capture and analysis quick and easy.

The HSLA is available by lease only.

Hardware features

The HSLA uses 64-bit/66 MHz technology to capture and analyze raw HOTLink II data.

HL2View software features

HL2View software offers ease of use with the power to analyze and debug HOTLink II interfaces. See what's on the wire at the touch of a button. The time scale histogram quickly distinguishes idle characters from data characters. The programmable color-coded data display shows time and offset of the data when it was received. Analysis is fast and productive.


Data packet generator

Easily capture and analyze both simple and complex protocols.

HOTLink II simple packet (no special characters) diagram
Simple packet: no special characters

HOTLink II simple packet (SOM, EOM characters) diagram
Simple packet: SOM and EOM characters

HOTLink II Fiber channel frame diagram
Fiber channel frame

Video frame generator

With the HSLA, easily capture, analyze, and generate complex video formats. The generator is ideal for IR sensor simulation.

HOTLink II Video frame optons diagram
HOTLink II video frame options

Data router

With the HSLA, easily control the HOTLink II data path. The data router allows the user to split, repeat, duplicate, and line spy on both HOTLink II channels.

HOTLink II data router diagram
HOTLink II data router