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HOTLink II is a trademark of
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.


Recorder and Playback System

photo of HOTLink II data recorder

GRT's Video Record and Playback Systems are high-performance machines capable of recording and playing out a single channel or up to six synchronized video streams. The systems can be configured to play back to a GUI, or play out through the hardware, creating synchronized HOTLink II video playout to cockpit displays or simulators.



Data rate: 400 MB/s
Number of cameras

Input interface: HOTLink II over copper or fiber
Recording capacity: up to 24 TB
Recording duration: up to 30 hours
Number of data disks: 4–16
Disk controller: high-speed disk array
Processors: i5, i7, XEON single or dual CPUs
Graphics card: AGP, PCI, PCI-X, or PCIe
Network: 100/1000 Mb/s
Operating system: Windows XP, 7–10
Recording modes: manual, external trigger
Motherboard: high-performance PCI-X or PCIe
Chassis: 4U rack-mount