The Protocol

Many ongoing military and civilian aerospace programs were created around HOTLink II, and it retains a strong presence in digital, point-to-point uncompressed video transmission.

Great River continues to support these systems.

HOTLink is an 8b/10b physical layer with special characters defined, but no HOTLink protocol standard exists—a fact that gives designers ultimate flexibility.

HOTLink II Product Suite

Frame Grabber Icon

Frame Grabber / Video Generator

Exercise complete control over key video frame characteristics.

Recorder and Playback System Icon

Recorder and Playback System

Record and play out up to six synchronized video streams.

Serial Link Analyzer

Serial Link Analyzer

Capture raw HOTLink II data at up to 1.0625 Gb/s. HS2View software offers ease and power.




HOTLink II Best Practices

Read David Cole's White Paper, Best Practices for Implementing a HOTLink Video Protocol for IR and Optical Applications.

Successor to HOTLink II?

Is ARINC 818 on copper the successor to HOTLink II video links? A white paper by Jon Alexander.

HOTLink compatibility

Assemble information to determine HOTLink compatibility.

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