Thank you for your interest in ARINC 818. You can rapidly master the concepts of the protocol and simplify your implementation of this powerful interface using these tools from Great River Technology. If you have additional inquires regarding ARINC 818 our team would be happy to answer additional questions.  You can contact us at




ARINC 818 White Papers

  • What Is ARINC 818, a 2007 white paper by Tim Keller

  • Why ARINC 818, a 2012 white paper on the history and background of the protocol. It also examines competing technologies by Paul Grunwald.

Implementer's Guide (2018)

This 36-page guide introduces the protocol and its update lists up-to-date hardware and moves into the nuts and bolts of ARINC 818 design. 

ARINC 818 Website

As ARINC 818 increases its role in civilian and military aviation, offers stakeholders a forum to exchange ideas and information.

At you can find resources for the user and developer community to:

  • Inform themselves and others about the protocol

  • Facilitate implementations of ARINC 818 systems

  • Share lessons learned

  • Post information on contacts, products, services, and projects

ICD Template

A common interface control document (ICD) ensures interoperability among ARINC 818 components. Begin with this template.




ICD Examples

Take a look at sample ICDs for XGA and SXGA resolutions.


Timing Calculator (2021)

Easily calculate parameters for your ICD. 

Product Suite

GRT offers the only comprehensive ARINC 818 product suite in the industry, from architecture planning, through engineering development, product certification, production test, and field support. GRT offers products that will help lower your overall cost and time of implementing ARINC 818 into your display, sensor and video products.