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Pantera is now available in HSC (High-Speed Coax). Learn more.



Smart switching technology ensures that video frames are not broken or corrupted. Switches link any variety of subsystems—sensors and radar, for example—to mission displays or recorders. They reroute any input to any output.

As splitters, they feed each input to two outputs. As broadcast devices, they send a single input to multiple outputs. There's a GRT switch to match any ARINC 818 need in the lab, on the factory floor, or during flight tests.

Photo of Pantera 4x4 switch
Pantera user interface
Pantera's Output Configuration screen displays real-time status.

Pantera 4x4


Techway 10x10
in 19-inch rack

Techway 10x10 19-inch rack


Techway rugged 10x10

Techway rugged 10x10


HSC Pantera 4x1

GRT's HSC switch includes a high-speed video path (for example, 3.1875 Gb/s) and a low-speed data return path (20 Mb/s) over a single coaxial cable.

ARINC 818 HSC is ideal where a bi-directional copper interface are required.

HSC Pantera 1x4 switch
An HSC Pantera 4x1 switch enables the controller to select an active camera and command it while receiving its video feed. Here Camera A is active.