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GRT's Video Converter Module (VMC) is a flyable, rugged version of the HS SAM.

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High Speed Stand Alone Module

image of high-speed stand alone module
Link to High-Speed Coax page
HSC SAM is a High-Speed Coax version. Learn more about GRT's HSC products.

The High Speed Stand Alone Module (HS SAM) has long proven itself as an essential tool for ARINC 818 testing. HS SAMView2 software provides flexibility and efficiency. GRT will configure an HS SAM to match your ICD—including a link rate up to 5 Gb/s.


GRT can configure an HS SAM to one of these functions:

Both configurations generate test patterns.

An optional software development kit (SDK) empowers designers to quickly integrate equipment into test environments.

Order the features you need for flight testing or work in the lab, aircraft production facility, or simulator. SAM status and link status indicators report system health at a glance. USB 2.0 connectors are standard.

image of stand alone module GUI
The SAMView2 GUI affords monitoring and control of the HS SAM, including remotely.


With a versatile GUI, no programming is required to command the powerful features of the HS SAM:

SAM converts ARINC 818 to DVI or Fiber
This HS SAM has been configured to convert fiber to DVI or VGA. See the ARINC 818 HS SAM datasheet for a diagram of a DVI to fiber configuration.

Software Development Kit

An option with the HS SAM is an easy-to-use ARINC 818 application programming interface (API). Software developers use its API library to quickly creat custom test applications that communicate with the SAM. They can integrate automatic test equipment into the test environments. Full API function documentation and example code are included. No knowledge of the USB layer is required; the API handles all USB communications.

Features and Options

Features of stand alone module
Standard connectors available: fiber optic 1310nm single mode; fiber optic 850nm multimode; FCN copper; High-Speed Coax. Other standard features: USB port (2.0 required), channel health indicators, 24VDC with switching adapter for 100–120VDC @ 50–60 Hz. Optional feature: mounting bracket.
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