Avionics Digital Video Bus

The high-performance
protocol ready for the speed
of tomorrow's FPGAs

In a time of rapidly expanding capabilities, programs employing sensors and displays must be flexible. Sensor pods need a physical layer that can support two-way links through slip rings. HUDs, PFDs, MFDs, LADs, and HMDs need a full range of screen resolutions and pixel-packing modes. ARINC 818 anticipates the faster FPGAs of the years to come. For more than a decade it has delivered the reliability and flexibility demanded by commercial and military programs.

XMC frame grabber
XMC Form Factor

ARINC 818 link rates
Forward-Looking Capacity

High-Speed Coax Capable

channel-bonded touch-screen LAD
Channel Bonding

high-frame-rate region of interest
High-Frame-Rate ROI

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