Two Great Venues for
ARINC 818 Training and Certification

Join us in Orlando at SPIE
on April 17, 2018.

Join us in Munich at AEE
on June 19, 2018.

Can't make these?

Contact Tim Keller to stay posted on future workshops.


Training and Certification

Designing, Debugging, Simulating, and Testing
Complex ARINC 818 Systems

provides hands-on experience and certification in ARINC 818, the Avionics Digital Video Bus, from Great River Technology, the global leader in ARINC 818 development tools and flyable products.

photo of VPA, Velocity board, Xf Tuner GUI

Join the one-day certification workshop in Orlando or Munich this spring (left).

Who can benefit?

The workshop is designed for architects of high-speed video systems, avionics engineers, and production test engineers. Participants with any level of exposure to ARINC 818 can benefit, including those who are not yet familiar with the protocol. Included:


photo of Jon Alexander, Paul Grunwald, Tim Keller

Tim Keller (MSEE), Director of Marketing for GRT, served on the original ARINC 818 committee and drafted key sections of the specification. He served as the Industry Editor for the ARINC 818-2 revision in 2013. Prior to joining Great River Technology in 2005, Tim worked for 16 years as a control systems engineer for real-time embedded systems at Honeywell. (Munich workshop)

Paul Grunwald (MBA, BCompSc) is Chief Systems Architect at Great River Technology. His 30-year engineering and product-management career includes systems architecture at GE Intelligent Platforms and applications engineering at Philips Semiconductors. He has worked with ARINC 818 for six years and written a number of white papers on the protocol. (Munich and Orlando workshops)

Jon Alexander (MSEE), CEO and Senior Engineer for GRT, has 26 years experience in electronics design. He founded GRT in 1996 and has been a chief deisgner of numberous ARINC 818, FC-AV, and HOTLink systems. He served on the ARNC 818 Standards Committee. (Orlando workshop)